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I have a large garden in need of some colour. What is your favourite flower/plant in your garden and why? Pics would be great please!! 

Can't wait to see what beauties you have in your gardens :smiley:


  • Personal favorite is Allium. (not my gardens above of course)

    Whether your going for contemporary, cottage, mediterranean, woodland, formal, traditional - there's always room for Alliums and the bees love them. 
  • Difficult to pick just one but if I have to then the Juneberry (amelanchier) would probably be it. The leaves are interesting colours when they first start growing around this time of year and in autumn, and in a few weeks they should have some nice early flowers followed by small edible fruit. This short video clip shows three varieties next to each other but since I dug out the suckers on the first one I bought I now have multiple similar sized young trees all around the garden and even in winter they seem to have a nice structure to the bare branches. They seem very hardy which is a requirement for surviving where my garden is on a north facing slope near the top of a hill.
  • My favorite flower is Red Rose, I have no pics at the moment. I will share it tomorrow.
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    When I moved here I discovered Anthemis punctata aka Sicilian chamomile.  It gives a lot in return for very little.  All it asks is a drop of sunshine.  It has pretty greyish evergreen foliage, faintly aromatic, and has masses of cheerful daisy flowers in May/June.  It's hardy, drought tolerant, doesn't self seed and easy to propagate by cuttings.
  • Pink echinacea. Flowers prolifically in July & August, great on poor soil and in hot temperatures. Sorry no pics....

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    Daylilies. Lots of big flowers in an endless range of colours and forms, and they grow anywhere except full shade. Deserve to be better known.

  • BenCottoBenCotto Posts: 4,277
    I like complementary geraniums. Here’s Rozanne paired with Anne Thompson

    Rutland, England
  • FireFire Posts: 17,116
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    A dahlia like the Bishops. Bees love them, wonderful colours, they flower straight through to the frosts, don't need full sun and just keep producing massed of flowers if they are happy. I like to have flowers for cutting and giving, that pollinators can enjoy too. I like flowers that die well and dye well. Some flowers are ugly when they perish but Bishops are fine - almost indistinguishable from buds. The petals just fall off. The petals can be used fresh or dry to dye with. I take the heads as they go over, dry the petals through the season, so I have enough to make it worth a project, and play with the colour in the winter.

  • Aquilegia 

    Both native and cultivated varieties. 
  • anything that happens to be in flower. Like my Sophora Golden King, in flower at present, my winter flowering honeysuckle, my daffodils, primroses and hardy cyclamen, all glowing through this foul weather.
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