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Too much manure in new vegetable patch?

Hi - last year I built 2 small raised beds in our garden to grow vegetables for the first time. I grew potatoes, carrots, broccoli and onions. Most of the 'above the ground' plants grew really well but the actuals potatoes and carrots were very small, and the onions/broccoli didn't work out at all. 

From reading up online I think we may have been too generous in the addition of manure in preparing the beds - my question is how to go about balancing things out so the soil is of a good quality this year to generate a good crop? Any advice welcome please.



  • It’s had a year to incorporate into the soil....  it’ll be reet this year
  • An easy way to think of it @ryanvirtue78 is plants  above ground manure, below ground not. There are exceptions like potatoes who like manure, and there may be others.
    Now used soil from last year will be good for carrots or other roots, but remember to look for any advice on things that dont do well next to each other. 
    It just takes a bit of research,  my first growing season for veg last year had ups and downs, ( bad onions and beetroot, good potatoes and carrots) but it's all good fun.😁
  • Thanks! Fingers crossed for a better year this year, I can’t cope with the disappointment on the kids’ faces when they pull up another potato plant without any potatoes! 
  • Try Charlotte potatoes. They can be picked early for new pots, and left till later for bigger ones. Kids can't wait to see results.😀 While waiting put in some spring onion plugs bought from GC they will be ready in a few weeks then. Also inside now get the kids to sow little gem lettuce seeds into a tray, they will be ready to plant out mid May and the kids can go out every day and pull leaves off for their sandwiches. 😁 Good luck @ryanvirtue78
  • Sounds like a good plan! 
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