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Rose cuttings

MeomyeMeomye Posts: 849
A few months ago i took some rose cuttings and put them straight into the ground (as I had read on here) and to my surprise they all seem to be doing really well, sprouting leaves etc. I am now curious as to what happens next. Am i right in thinking they have to stay in situ  for quite some time? Do i have to do anything such as mulching or feeding at some stage? t i a


  • I think, you just leave them where they are until they’ve had a full year. So if you did them late autumn, leave them until autumn this year, then carefully lift them and put them in their final position/container.

    Ive got three Rose cuttings in a pot which seem to be alive, taken last autumn. I’m going to leave them until there are roots coming out of the bottom of the pot, then take them out, carefully divide them and repot in individual pots and let them fill those before planting, maybe next spring or earlier depending on how quickly they grow!
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  • Sometimes rose cuttings will produce leaves but no roots so "wait and see" is the best approach.  I've got a few pots of cuttings of roses from my former garden and have fingers crossed that those healthy-looking buds will come to something...

    The most important thing to do while waiting until autumn, when you can very carefully lift them, @Meomye, is to make sure your cuttings don't get overtaken by weeds, and don't dry out.   :)
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