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Vegetable Garden on a Concrete Yard



  • I live on the west coast of US and as a hobby focus mostly on fruit trees plus some vegetables as I can plant trees in my yard here.

    The vegetable gardens that I make as a hobby on concrete yards or rooftops are in China where I spend quite a bit of time for work (not related to gardening).

    The first tree to start blossoms in my yard this year is an almond tree. I will upload more photos in my later posts from previous seasons and new blossoms as they appear.

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    Sorry, @kaatlomini. I thought you were a spammer.😕 . Welcome to the forum.
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  • Jerusalem Artichoke and Water Spinach that I grew in Styrofoam boxes. 

    The photo of Jerusalem artichokes show what was produced in two boxes only.

    The photo of Water spinach is from one box, picked once. It keeps growing and you can pick every few days.

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    Hello @kaatlomini
    Seems you have some real successes there in less than ideal conditions - love Jerusalem Artichokes and the almond tree blossom is gorgeous 🙂

    I think coriander (cilantro) grows best in slightly cooler, moister conditions. For me it runs to seed quickly if it dries out too much or if we get a very hot spell. It may be that the conditions are a bit too hot / dry where you are. I also have more success growing it in partial shade.

    I like to use cut-and-come again coriander and usually get 3 or 4 harvests from each plant. The variety which does best for me in terms of maximum leaf production and resistance to bolting is "Calypso". Good flavour too.

    Welcome to the forum. We like to meet our international friends🙂
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    Amazing almond tree.
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