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Duck weed dilemma ...

Any tips for ridding a pond of duckweed without harming the mini beasts that seem to get caught up in it? My pond has plants at all levels including a dormant dwarf water lily, plus a mini water pump and the duckweed is causing havoc. Tried to scoop the stuff out but sorting through it for snails and larvae to put back in the pond is not only excruciatingly time consuming but pretty tricky with a wild toddler underfoot. Ideally I’d like a lazy, critter-friendly magic potion to chuck in to get the job done before the frog spawn appears. Any suggestions?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,292
    I used to use a hose to push the duckweed to one end of the pond then scoop it out and leave it on the side for a while before composting it.

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  • We eliminated duckweed from our pond without apparently harming any wildlife or fish (which we had in the pond in those days but don't now) using a product which I think was probably this or something similar. I just found this link by googling so am not sure if this was exactly what we used. It required several treatments over a period of time but the duckweed never came back.
  • Thankyou! I’ll have a go :)
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