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Agriculture Gypsum rate/square metre

TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 133
Finally decided to spread Agriculture Gypsum on my lawn with heavy clay soil, tried putting holes filled with grit etc. All they do is fill with water because the clay will not drain.

Some sites say to use 1kg/mtr on heavy clay soil.

What rate of gypsum should I use per sq mtr. with the lawn on heavy clay soil.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,399
    Sorry, but gypsum is not going to solve your problem.

    The best thing to do would be to dig up that clay and pour on a good thick layer of sharp sand and fine to pea sized grit and mix it all up.   You'll need to do this to a decent depth to break up any clay "pan" that lies below.

    Do you really need a lawn? 

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  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 133
    edited February 2020
    Obelixx said:

    Do you really need a lawn? 

    The EA dont like having large slab area’s causing excess water run off and not feeding underground water sources. 

    If I laid gravel etc, with the clay etc I can see the clay seeping back to the surface along with the sand filling any drainage. So in time the whole area will have to have more gravel etc. 

    But that maybe a waste as the clay soil depth is greater than 75cm as found when installing concrete fence posts. 
  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 133
    edited February 2020
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