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Having a greenhouse

Hi, we want to get a greenhouse but only have limited space. The only space we have is under a fire escape. We want to use the GH for propagation, keeping plants safe from frost in winter, planting and general use not to grow particular plants. With light and heat would the GH be okay under the fire escape? Thanks for any replies. Deinice 


  • It would be a small greenhouse so it would fit in the space. I think about 6x4 foot. We want glass and aluminium but will get whatever is best if someone suggests something different. We have a large square yard that we have been working on since we moved in a year ago. It was a concrete square that we have improved considerably but want to do lots more. We needs lots of help as only limited knowledge. The fire escape is the only place we would be able to fit the GH without taking up room for planting. Any advice would be great. Thanks 
  • Thanks so much for your time. Badly want a GH but worried it would not have enough sun but thought that with a heater and light in there and whatever sun it gets we would be okay. Once it can be used for protecting plants during winter, seeding and potting we should be fine.

    one more question I wanted some help with. We planted a passion two years ago. Last year it budded but did not flower, should we prune it and if we should, when? We have it in a large pot and climbing up the wall. We have to use pots a lot because it is all concrete. We are in the process of creating big flower beds along one wall and in a corner. Any ideas? Thanks 

  • If shrubs and climbers bid but don’t bloom I’ve found the usual cause is lack of water ... keep the roots damp once buds appear. 

    Good luck with your gardening. 

    💡 have you looked at the leanto type greenhouses that you can fix to a wall?
    It sounds as if one of those might suit your spot.

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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