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Advice on Greenhouse glass replacement tips and techniques please

Hello all...

We have a greenhouse that was a bit neglected when we came to live here, falling apples and ivy growing between the frame and glass have meant about 9 panes have cracks or holes. It has glass panels to the roof and sides but on the bend it is plastic.

I have a quote from the local glazier, £5 per pane, pretty cheap but it tots up if I were to replace them all.  They do 610x610 and 610x480 as standard but can cut to size which we will have to do as there are 4 sizes: 610x610, 610x560, 610x500 and 610x360 (approx).

These might be stupid questions but what I would like to know is:

How can I measure the panes for the exact sizes (is it best to remove them first then measure)?
What is the technique or are there any tips for safely removing the panes? (there are clips holding the glass in place and rubber stripping on the frame) but I don't want to slice a wrist wrestling these off or coming at it from the wrong angle.

The biggest puzzle is the plastic on the bends, it looks like a couple of them have broken down and become brittle under the force of the metal glazing clips.
Do I have to order the bent plastic but then how do you even measure the bend to get replacements (I don't even know the supplier, could be Halls)?
Could you buy some perspex but then how do you measure the length to cut it? then how do you bend it? and what sort of perspex?

I have tried to re-enforce the panes with T-rex tape and it has held through the storms but is now peeling, does anybody know how to patch up better? I could do a couple of patches to save on cost as there are about 3 panes just with stress cracks.

I enclose some pictures (from the better side as there is a trellis and apple trees, now cut back, up against the broken side)

Can someone give me a Dummies walk-through? Thank you in advance for your advice...


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,973
    It looks like a Hall’s greenhouse.

    Perhaps they could give you some advice?

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  • Thanks for advice and link, I think it is Halls so will contact them for the bend panels but didn't know if anybody had any quick way of fixing it first.
  • I bought plastic sheeting to replace the damaged panels in our with two under 7's it was safer for the exposed sides. B & Q sell single sheets but got cheaper off ebay. It can be cut to size with a stanley knife.

    It also bends reasonably easily on one direction so may follow the shape of those bends.
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391
    If the curved sections are 2ft (610mm) long as well as wide, as measured with a tape measure on the outside, you can use readily available 610x610x4mm twin wall polycarbonate sheet which is sold for GH pane replacement on ebay and the like (make sure that UV coating is mentioned as that is what degrades them.)  As long as the 'channels' are horizontal, it will bend fairly easily in that direction.  Also, the clips need to cope with 4mm 'glass'.  That would cost well under a fiver per bendy section so depends on how much the genuine articles are and whether the aesthetics of the twin wall is acceptable.  I wouldn't try and bend standard clear sheets of polycarb as it will form invisible (at first) stress fractures which will then cloud the sheet fairly quickly once the sun gets to work on it.
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  • BiljeBilje Posts: 721
    Hope you get sorted it looks to be a lovely green house and worth saving if you can. 
    I used a cheap broad ..2" don't know the metric, outdoor tape from Wilkinsons to patch up one of those cheap plastic small greenhouse covers which I initially was just going to bin.Its survived all this winter I think it was £1 or £2, worth a try I also used it on a cracked corner light inmy wooden greenhouse that's ok too. best of luck with your project you seem to be getting lots of help/advice.
  • Thank you for all your help and advice, I will start getting replacements now I know what I'm looking for. 
  • KiliKili Posts: 1,010
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    Della, the glass is easy to remove. Just use a screwdriver to unclip the glazing clips.

    The side curved panels can be fiddly to fit (See link to purchase if you need some). They use an S shaped plastic bar ( See this link) between the glass and the plastic panel. These are not made of a long lasting material and fade and crack over a 2-3 year period, that is if you have them installed as I have on mine. I cant see from the images how the plastic panels fit with the glass above on your greenhouse.

    Nice greenhouse except for those plastic side panels. On mine I use a lot of the wire clips to hold them in as I've had a few blow out over the years but, that may have more to do with the location of my greenhouse which seems to be in a bit of a wind tunnel.

    Ps.... don't buy the glazing spring clips from there as they want £5.99 for 20. I just bought a 100 for the same price at Amazon.

    Have fun with your greenhouse the seed sowing season is soon upon us.


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  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 20,973
    If you are going to be moving panes of glass around, manoeuvring, removing and replacing them, I cannot recommend highly enough the use of one of these tools...

    So much safer and easier than trying to hold the pane in your hands.

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