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hi gardeners,I sent for Gypsophila paniculata from the above company. They came as bare roots. I planted them in two large pots and put them in the greenhouse. They were planted in J N no 3. Damp compost. They have gone mouldy and squigy in three weeks. I have sent the photo of them to their customer service team. Resulting email. They have been planted correctly but the soil is far from the best expected for this kind of root. Therefore your refund will not be taken into consideration.  So now you have been given an opportunity to think carefully about ordering from them. Valerie


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  • P.S I forgot to say , the email says they are, Valerie 
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    I tend to avoid any business that describes itself as being “4you”. Smacks of lazy thinking and a total lack of creativity if you ask me. 😉 
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  • They tell me ( they trust to have informed me sufficiently ) 
    I must admit they are creative in taking money for 15 roots. Valerie 
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    And builders with two initials *&*Builders
    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Oh dear, that sounds very painful too. Commiserations and friendly support. Valerie 
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    Out of interest, have you checked how old the compost is? If it's a new bag, it is worth alerting the supplier in case they have a 'bad batch'  
    ( I work in a Garden Centre and know that can very very occasionally happen)
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  • Its a new bag, but as the roots have only been in it three weeks I didnt think it could have had too much to do with it. But please tell me what could happen and make a bag a bad batch that occasionally happens. Valerie 
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    The quality of JI No 3 varies enormously. We had some not long ago which was made from almost pure clay as the soil content. Anything put into that would have died in days.
    JI Numbers are not an indication of quality only of a particular mix of ingredients.
  • I don’t think the soil has anything to do with the roots going mouldy, I think they were not just bare rooted but dried and dead. This is because the polyanthus planted in the same soil are doing fine. But what I’m really interested to learn about is what a bad bag of soil contains to make it a bad batch. Valerie 
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