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Border Along Driveway Suggestions please

I have a well draining south west facing chalk  border to replant this Spring. It has previously been mainly herbaceous and I have unfortunately been victim to buying just 1 of what I fancy. I do really like sweet peas and traditional English planting. Any suggestions please as I’m stuck! Pic of border today, the grass has to go as it’s too tall. It needs to look good from both sides too. To the right by the trellis are my roses which I really like. Picture taken today, thank you 😀.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,017
    If you like the grass, keep it, but buy it a couple of mates to make the clump look more impressive or else buy 2 more and plant them spaced in a rhythm along the bed.   They should bulk up as individual clumps each year till they get to the point of needing dividing.

    Same with other plants in there that you like.  Add 2, 4 or 6 more of each so you have clumps or ribbons of 3, 5 or 7 to bulk them up.  Underplant with a mass of spring bulbs next autumn.

    If your soil is indeed well drained and chalky, lavender would look good and do well.   Sweet peas like more moisture tho so put them somewhere else.

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  • Thank you Obelixx, much appreciated. I’ve had sweet peas in there before and they’ve done okish. I was possibly thinking about doing 3 lots of them in the border. I have lavender round the roses and they are doing really well. Now you’ve given me an idea that I could possibly border the whole lot with lavender around the edges.
  • Thank you Rik56, yes I really like hebes and there are a couple in there atm. The other 2 are good ideas too.

  • Crocosmia would be nice after spring bulbs have disapeared. Pretty cheap. Good structure. Spread easily. 
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