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Camellia ID

I bought two camellias in BM Garden yesterday one was a named variety, Debbie which I've heard is a good all rounder and the other is much bigger, red and has no name. Maybe that's why it was good value?
I was hoping someone might be able to ID it.
Its dense upright with mid darkish leaves, small red flowers that are quite fractal.
I took pictures but the camera makes it look more pink but it's definitely red. Also my camera couldn't t pick up the delicate black veining on the petals.
Any suggestions would be appreciated! 


  • Maybe Camellia Japonica Black Lace? Far too many red varieties out there...but a fully open flower will help further.
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  • Hi thanks for the response I will send more pictures when the flowers open fully.

    I was thinking it was black lace... Well hoping actually, as black lace is a hybrid.

    But it could well be black tie which looks very similar but is a normal japonica variety. 
  • A fully open flower? No visible stamen but a silvery sheen on the red petals.
    Any ideas? 
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