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Rose Pruning

I did some early pruning on my roses (climbing and bush) a few weeks ago.  Now shoots have appeared.  This seems very early to me, I assume it is the mild ish weather (Merseyside, North West).
Can I prune further, removing some of the shoots, or should I leave asis?
Note that i'm relatively new to gardening. 


  • Pta55Pta55 Oxfordshire Posts: 28
    I am new to pruning roses too and have a different question. I appear to have acquired a Claire Austin Climbing Rose instead of a standard rose! Don’t ask! Can you prune a Climber to stay as a tallish shrub rose, otherwise it will have to go as I do not have room for another climber. Thank you. Peta
  • TopbirdTopbird Mid SuffolkPosts: 7,580
    edited February 2020
    Dave - If you've got the roses to the shape and size you want, I think I'd leave as is for now. If there's a sharp frost and the new buds are damaged you can always prune later. 

    PTA - You can try to prune it as a large shrub rose but I suspect the new growth will always be a bit too long and whippy to be a successful shrub. However, the fact they grafted this rose to make a standard may mean it's less whippy than other climbers. 

    I think though that a large shrub rose could easily occupy more room than a climbing rose trained round a post or an obelisk. If you're limited for space, had you thought of doing that?

    Claire Austin is a lovely rose - seems a shame not to try to give her a space in your garden. You've bought her now - not much to lose is there?
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  • Thanks Topbird, I'll do as you say.
    Cheers, Dave
  • Pta55Pta55 Oxfordshire Posts: 28
    Thank you Topbird. Will see how it goes this summer
  • Can anyone help, I have a Rose “Miss Schweiz” that grows in a container, and it’s grown quite tall and leggy. I’m new to pruning Roses, so can anyone advise when and how I should prune it to try to encourage it to be bushier?
    any advice on pruning is welcome as I’m quite nervous of it for some reason.
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,555
    I suggest you have a read of this infor from the RHS -

    When you've finished, give your rose a good handful of slow release fertiliser for roses and when you wtar the pot, give it an occasional liquid feed for roses or tomatoes.
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