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Planting shooting bulbs in feb

Hi, I'm a novice gardener. I had some bulbs planted last spring that flowered nicely but had to remove them after glowing due to lack of space. I hung them in my shed with the leaves still attached. My plan was to plant them out again in the autumn but due to illness couldn't get out to do it. They are still hung in the shed. The old leaves have died and many have new shoots of 2-3cm. My question is, can I plant them out in the ground or into containers or is it too late? They are tulips and daffodils. Many thanks


  • Hi @ragdollyana  and welcome to the forum 😊 Plant them now ... they won’t keep ... you may or may not get flowers but at least you’ll have given them a chance and there’s nothing to lose ... the alternative is to throw them away. 

    Hope you’re fully recovered now 👍 

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  • Plant them in a container, that way you are not taking up valuable garden space if they don't come to anything. 
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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,062
    Good advice above !
    In the shops the other day , people were buying Spring bulbs with at least 3" shoots visible through the packet .
    They'll probably flower this year , maybe a bit later though . Bulbs are very resilient .
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,085
    Yes - get them into pots, especially if you have a couple of decorative pots you can use, and they should do well enough. Just make sure you plant them deeply enough.
    They won't survive and flower otherwise, as already said.

    The daffs can be planted into the garden later on if required, and they should thrive. The tulips will tend to diminish over time anyway, as they need quite specific conditions, unless they're the species or Apeldoorn ones, which are a bit different. Enjoy any flowers you get from them anyway  :)
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