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climbing rose suggestion please

Hi,  Could anyone recommend a climbing rose for a 6' fence please?  The fence faces west & the rose can't be too bushy as my small patio is right next to it, so space is a little tight.
I already have a Mortimer Sackler nearby so would like a different variety of rose.  Many thanks in advance.


  • What sort of colour? A deeper pink?
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  • I don't mind which colour really.  Anything which would blend in well.
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    David Austin’s “Gertrude Jekyll” can be trained as a short climber, which is what I am going to do with mine this year. If you look on their website they have several beautiful suggestions for roses to grow against 6ft walls or fences. GJ is quite thorny but smells gorgeous.
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  • Ok, thanks for that suggestion.  I will take a look.
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