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Greeted with Bramble's and nettles docks in new garden dug it and got all the roots I could find out waiting for them to reappear and spray them brought plants in pots from previous garden would I be able to plant the pots to ground level and spray weeds when they appear just so I'm not looking at soil all summer


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,536
    I'd hold back a bit and have another blitz on the weeds when they start into growth before planting. 
  • This is part of my root collection more round other side of house and 24 bagfuls gone found paths never new we're  there and patio 
  • Thanks for you're idea has anyone else got any ideas
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,895
    As Hosta says you're better off waiting to see what sprouts before planting anything in there even if they're still in pots.
    You may have missed bits of root here and there and there may be dormant seeds waiting to sprout too, so I'd wait and see what comes up in the next 4-6 weeks.
    If weeds re-appear then you can dig then out or spray with glyphosphate (e.g. Roundup) which will kill anything with leaves - including the plants you want to keep, so I'd wait before planting them.

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    Definitely best to wait and remove any new growth from weeds before you plant out treasures.  That way they can go in, settle and grow without being disturbed.

    Also a good idea to put an appropriate title to your thread rather than just a name.  That way more posters will be inclined to read and advise.
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  • Thanks everyone I'll leave alone and have another blitz later
  • Bee witchedBee witched Posts: 1,225
    Hi @Stuartbuchanan1958,

    Just an idea .... but when you do get round to planting, it would be worth keeping hold of the pots. You can then use them to cover your new plants up if you do need to do any more spraying nearby. Once the spraying has dried you can take off the pots and your new plants should be ok.

    Welcome to the forum btw.

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  • Thanks very much bee witched hope your not getting flooded out I see hawick and Jedburgh are getting flooded
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    Hi @Stuartbuchanan1958,

    The weekend's weather was a bit adventurous  ... our river got really high but didn't burst over. I went out with a torch just before going to bed and it was roaring along ... the noise was deafening. The road out of our village was flooded .... but we could have got out a back route if we'd needed to. Much better today ... but the roads are all pure sludge. 

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    Gardener and beekeeper in beautiful Scottish Borders  

    A single bee creates just one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime
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