Growing a tree in a container

Hello all. I have bought an Amelanchier tree that I want to grow in a container. It is about 9 feet tall and is pot grown. My question is, do I repot it in just the next size up container or can I go straight to the large container I bought for it. Also, what is the best potting medium for it? Many thanks


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 8,234
    I would plant it straight into the (hopefully large) container.  If planted in the next size up pot, it will need far more attention wrt watering and feeding so is at greater risk of accidentally drying out in hot weather, something which no tree likes.  The next-size-up  kind of potting-on is usually done with those smaller plants which 'sulk' when over-potted, such as tomatoes, chilies, young herbacious perennials etc.
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  • PrivetPrivet Posts: 70
    Thank you so much for that Bob, I was hoping that was going to be the answer. The pot I have bought is big enough for maybe two or three years.
    Thanks again
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    Why restrict a TREE to a pot ?
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    Oh @NewBoy2 maybe that's the only way they can grow it? Maybe they're renting and want the option of taking their plant with them? Can't be that difficult to fathom.
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  • PrivetPrivet Posts: 70
    New Boy. I have a very small garden and I’ve always wanted an Amelanchier (for sentimental reasons as much as anything), hence I need to restrict one to a pot. 
  • How small? Amelanchier would fit in any garden.

    Doesn't really matter i suppose, it would look great in a pot. I just think there's an irrational fear of planting trees in small gardens in this country, but that's off topic haha
  • You can also "dwarf" some trees - similar to bonsai.  People sometimes think that Bonsai have to be grown in small, shallow containers but if you look further into this method, it is possible in the long term to produce a beautiful tree which will flower.  Takes a lot of care and time - root pruning as well as top pruning but if you only have the option of a pot, it could be worth considering.
    Having said that, I don't know whether or not Amelanchiers are a suitable subject but no harm in investigating.  They are beautiful trees for sure :)
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    Greenbird, my garden is mainly paved, with narrow borders, so I have many things in containers. That way, I can move things about. Having said that, I doubt I’ll be moving the Amelanchier about once I’ve potted it up in a large pot! I already have a Mimosa/Acacia tree in a pot, which has done really well. It’s enormous! 
  • PrivetPrivet Posts: 70
    Phillipa, I will investigate the bonsai thing, but probably not for the Amelanchier. 
  • Makes sense. Trees looks great in pots to be honest. 
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