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Hi I just put together a new raised bed kit for growing vegetables. Anyone know what's best to fill it with - top soil and compost and what ratio? I haven't got any spare topsoil from the garden so anything will have to be bought. Thanks


  • Depends on what you want to grow?  Manure can be added if not growing carrots/root vegs.

    I use a mix of manure, MPC, and used coffee grounds ( 10’s of KG’s from Starbucks )
  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 Posts: 1,813
    Why have you chosen a raised bed ?

    I have 2. One is 30 inches deep and has alternate layers of new top soil and horse manure and has pebbles at the bottom 

    the other is 20 inches deep and is used for seed bed

    I think you need to give some proper thought as to why you have one and what you want to grow in it.

    RB s are a different world to ordinary beds

    More info please.
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    I used a mix of topsoil (~70%) and well rotted horse manure (~30%) for my raised veg beds and it's very productive.
    In hindsight I should have added some grit too as the topsoil I got had the consistency of flour with no grit or stones at all so it is still a bit 'heavy' but loosening up as I add more compost
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