Brussel sprouts and cauliflower

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I bought seed and bought these "greenhouse on a shelf "  to plant them.  They are in a barn under garage led lights.  They have sprouted but are very thin.  Should the lid be removed?  Is my poor lighting causing this issue of long thin plants?  


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    Yes ... that looks like extreme etiolation caused by poor light and too warm temperatures. 

    I’m afraid those plants are useless and will never amount to anything. Time to scrap them and start again. 

    But first you need to sort out some better growing conditions.

    Do you have a greenhouse or cold frame?

    Is this the right sowing time for your climate?

    Will you have enough well lit space to grow these on after pricking our into modules / pots?  It’s amazing how much space they need. 

    I wonder whether @PeggyTX might be around ... she may have some tips for growing brassicas in your region. 
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  • jamesholtjamesholt Central texasPosts: 106
    Ok thanks rewind
  • jamesholtjamesholt Central texasPosts: 106
    I had the same thing happen before but didn't know why.  Thank you
  • jamesholtjamesholt Central texasPosts: 106
    I think I will try planting directly in the ground.  I don't have a greenhouse 
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