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Pruning roses

Hi there, 

The house I have moved into has some lovely established roses in the garden, but I'm not sure where to prune them back to. Pictures attached.

Any advice would be much appreciated! 


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    Can't open the pics for some reason.

    The RHS website has info on the various kinds of roses - shrub, climber, rambler - and how to prune them.  Follow the links for the different kinds. 

    This thread may also be of use to you.

    Make sure your secateurs are clean and sharp before starting and that there is no frost forecast for the following few days as this can damage fresh wounds before they heal.
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  • I’d say the roses in first 2 pics just prune them down by 1/2 and then the one in third pic just cut any wayward growth and keep it to a good shape that u would like!!
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