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Dicentria & Angels fishing rod plants

I bought a Dicentria sold in a bag with a small shoot today and almost bought an Angels Fishing rod corm.  Has anyone successfully grown these?  Would the Angels Rod be suitable for my bog garden - which isn't permanently wet and is in almost full sun? Thanks.


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391
    edited February 2020
    Yes, I have some Dierama bought as plants (D. reynoldsii) and several I raised from seed.  Your conditions sound good, as long as the area doesn't get waterlogged in winter.  The only one I had trouble with was in a raised bed which got too dry one summer and died back but I dug out the remaining corms and put them in a fairly damp section of ground where they soon sent up new shoots and are multiplying nicely now.
    PS: found out not long back that Dicentra have now been renamed Lamprocapnos.  Not an improvement IMHO!
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  • The bog garden never gets boggy - perhaps I should rename it - we end up having to run the hose in the area for a good 15 - 20 minutes once or twice a week during a dry summer, so that should be suitable for the Dierama and as for the Dicentra which will always be a Bleeding Hearts to me whatever it's new fangled name is (thank you for the name update @Bobthegardener) I am pleased to read your comment that the bees love it too @Songbird .
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