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Eryngiums from root cuttings

Hi all
I have some eryngium big blue growing from root cuttings, I took them in the autumn but only got a heated propagator for Christmas so they've only just got going now with 2 inches of growth. I've got a 50% ISH success so really pleased for my 1st root cuttings

My question is should I plan for these to go out this year or will they need a year being slowly potted on. I'm making my plans now and have time to look for something else in the plan. 


  • I think I’d grow them on in pots this year and plant them out next spring. 

    They shouldn’t need any heat now that they’ve rooted. I’d keep them cool but frost free and wait for spring for them to grow otherwise they’ll just develop soft rather than sturdy growth. 
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  • WilderbeastWilderbeast Posts: 1,412
    Thanks dovefromabove, had close look today and more roots are throwing up shoots so I'm going to wait another week then tip out and pot them all up. Hopefully I can find some room in the greenhouse for them 
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