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Hello all,I  would like some input. Currently in a group to help the nursery become more wildlife friendly, and encourage kids to become more involved with fruit and veg. They’ve asked us for ideas and I’m not very creative and this seems to be all I can come up with. Does anyone have any input to how we can help them. I’ve searched past week on here for tips on different sites and places to help so it’s more on design for maximum impact. The green areas are wildflowers I have added a tunnel of raspberries with a tipi of peas or sunflowers, Raised beds and there’s already a sheltered bike like storage place which might be good as a sort of greenhouse, potting area. There is already a mud kitchen, slide etc on the other side of the garden, they also want this more natural looking as it’s wooden but on soft flooring with short fence around it so no soil here, so at a loss on how to implement this. I would appreciate as much help as possible, I’ve been stuck down a Pinterest hole for two days, and prefer real people ideas. There is two parents (including me) and 4 staff members. This is for 3-5 year garden, there is two other concrete style gardens for younger children, I have a few ideas for there regarding sensory style plants in raised planters. This is my idea so far for this part of the garden. And this is its current look 


  • Also the white area around the rock and wildflowers is just grass but didn’t want to colour it all in incase I could add things to it. 
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,867
    This is a great idea - l'm all for encouraging children into gardening  :)
    The infant school near me has a small garden and they are very pushed for space, but the main thing about it that strikes me is the colour. The raised beds, the pots etc all brightly painted. I'm sorry that l can't help when it comes to design, but  l'm bumping this up with the hope that someone on the forum has had this experience. 
    I did find this , the bit about design is about halfway down.
    Looking forward to seeing how it works out, good luck. 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 25,361
    Try joining the RHS scheme for schools.  They'll have info packs and a coordinator available to help - 
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  • Thank you both 😊
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