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Special snowdrop seedlings - what to do?

janebaljanebal Posts: 130
In August I collected the seeds from some of my special snowdrops - Glenchantress, Wendy's Gold, Wizard etc. Now the seedlings are coming up in a seed tray in my unheated greenhouse. What should I do with them. How long should I keep them in the seed tray? When should I move them into individual pots?


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,696
    I would leave them where they are until they die down and form a bulb. Then pot up all the bulbs individually in to small pots of  a mixture of grit and a multipurpose compost.  Top dress with fine grit.   I assume you know that the babies, coming from seeds will not be exactly like the parents and cannot be called by their names. However you may get something new and special that you can name yourself.  When they first flower, be very selective. So So bulbs can just go into the garden.
  • janebaljanebal Posts: 130
    Thank you, Fidgetbones. I will wait until they die down and then put plenty of grit in the new mix. I realise that the seedlings will be different from the parent because last January I saw the honey bees going between all the different flowers and cross- pollinating them. Some of the seeds were huge e.g. from Glenchantress and Wessex Titan.
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