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New rose bed

Hiya all,
I removed and relocated 3 mature roses about 18 months ago from a border which I am now planning to redevelop and into which I would like to replant roses.
I seem to recall reading that one should not plant roses where they have previously grown?
Is this correct?
Appreciate your comments and any advise.
Just another day at the plant...


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 12,171
    Maybe l have been lucky, but l have replanted roses and they have not suffered any ill effects. 
    Having said that, l would be inclined to dig out existing soil around the area you intend to plant, and replace it either with soil from elsewhere in the garden, or bagged topsoil. I know not everyone agrees with it's use, but l see no harm in using mycorrhizal fungi in this situation, followed by a feed of rose fertilizer. 
    That's my take on it  :)
  • In the interests of a better understanding, what is the particular problem within the soil caused with the replanting of new roses where roses have previously been grown?
    Just another day at the plant...
  • Many thanks @AnniD
    Whilst it seems replant disease is by no means a certainty, it would be prudent to take suggested precautions and as I am effectively creating a large raised bed I shall use the opportunity to exchange with imported soil and supplement with additional garden composrt & manure.

    Just another day at the plant...
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