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Patio Wall

I’ve just finished erecting a double row of those interlocking retaining walls with the intention of turning them into a raised planter. They are not very wide, say a half of a meter. Height wise about 1.5 meter. The outside wall has a run of a little over six meters

I’ve been offered the soil from around two sets of goal posts which are been totally repaired. It’s a major, well kept county pitch, used frequently and with tons of sand spread outside the season and of course well fed

My brother a retired brick layer asked if I was going to put a damp course in ie plastic sheeting along the inside of each wall.  I hadn’t thought of that so my question would be do I need a damp course for this type of wall, and how deep should I put stones etc for drainage purposes. How much space do I need for root development?

As always thanks for any advice offered


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 26,219
    Soil depth needed will depend entirely on what you intend to plant as different plants have different root systems and also different soil and water requirements.

    As for damp proofing, that depends on the material used for your wall.  It's probably wise to put a sheet of plastic on the inside of the walls - but not the base - to prevent moisture from the soil damaging the wall but also to prevent chemicals in the wall material from leaching into the soil.
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