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soil for new greenhouse

I will soon have a big greenhouse installed. The greenhouse base is cement. I have left a space (30 centimetre by 2 meter and 1 meter deep) to put good soil in before I'll plant 1 or 2 fan trained peaches against the south facing back wall.
Does anybody have good advice on the soil content that I should put in? I read about compost, earth, potash, rotted manure.
Any advice?


  • KiliKili Posts: 968
    I would suggest a mixture of John Innes no 3 mixed with peat (or peat alternative) based compost to start with then feed/mulch once a year or during the growing season if your growing other crops in there than just peaches.
    Lots of more knowledgeable folk on here, I'm sure someone with more experience than I will chip in with advice

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  • Thank you Kili, this is the first time I use this forum, so very glad to get an answer already!
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