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Houseplant help please-before it is too late

I bought an Oxalis Triangularis houseplant and love it. However, over the last few months ( I bought it in the spring) it has gone lanky, lots of the leaves have dies and it looks really sad. 
I do have a few new shoots coming through but more are dieing each day. It was dry so I gave it a good water, it is kept on a window sill in a cool house. There are no roots showing out of the bottom of the pot so I don’t think it needs re potting. I
I bought it after seeing someone who had this huge amazing specimen so I know how wonderful they can look. Want to get mine back on track. 
Thanks in anticipation. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,088
    They like cool rooms and can go outside once all danger of frost is past so maybe it's just got a bit to warm and dry.  When you water, try the dunking method - submerge the pot in a bucket or bowl of water deep enough to cover the pot.  Wait till all air bubbles stop and then drain completely before putting it back in its tray or cache-pot.

    The RHS offers this advice -
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  • Thanks Obelix . Bought as houseplant. Kept on very cool window sill! At a loss
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