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House plants humidity

Hi there I’m trying to slightly increase the humidity in one of my rooms which has a fair few house plants in. I have read most of the methods but wondering if this one is good or bad, I use ceramic pots for house plants, which have the plant inside in its original pot with drainage holes. I’ve put gravel in the bottom of the ceramic pot and put a little bit of water in, not much so it doesn’t touch the roots, when the plant is sat on there? Will this work for the good or bad does anyone know? Thanks 


  • Quite often it is the surrounding air which needs to be humid rather than the base of the plant so misting is usually the best bet.
    Unless the plastic pot has plenty of space between it and the sides of the ceramic pot, the water in the base isn't going to be of much use.
    If you can't mist as such, placing the plastic pots on open trays of gravel which you can keep moist as required would be better than your present set up.
    Also depends which plants you have - some will get by with less humidity than others.
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