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Hi, please can anyone advise a climbing plant whose flower compliments the Mimosa, that can grow up the Mimosa tree.  I am looking for a flower that can bloom during the summer months when the Mimosa has finished flowering without killing or taking over the tree. Thank you. 


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    Whereabouts are you?

    We inherited two large mimosas in this garden and the only thing that grows under them seems to be baby mimosas which we have taken to strimming under one and now grass is growing and can be mowed now that we've lifted the canopy.

    The other is along our back boundary with beef cattle farmers who have a big cow byre behind.  It's in a mixed hedge of assorted trees and shrubs and grows a fine collection of weeds including brambles, nettles, sticky bud.   It's dropping babies and/or sending up suckers inside our polytunnel now and along the back of the potager which we sited in that bit.   

    It gets bone dry under there in summer so any climber would have to be planted right out at the canopy edge to avoid competition with the tree roots and babies and would need constant watering to be sure of success.   Maybe a native dog rose would do? 
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