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    Here's a little photo update.

    A friend was moving house and offered me his Chamaerops humilis and Yucca rostrata. Unfortunately they had to be dug up this weekend which isn't ideal with next weeks weather..Anyway, i dug them up with as much rootball as possible and have planted them in the garden. I added a good amount of grit and some organic compost to the holes and covered with some bark that I bought. Hopefully they will survive as they are nice sized plants, over 10 years old.

    On the top right hand corner of the patio there is a nice sized Acer grisium that I was also given. It's still in its nursery pot and I'll plant it in spring. Just not sure where to put it yet...any ideas? I'm not sure if the borders are too small to plant it in and if it should go in the lawn somewhere..I love the paper bark maple.

    I also have a Trachycarpus fortunei, a Butia odorata and cordyline that are in quite small pots (bottom right hand of the photo) I am trying to give them some protection from this cold spell and will plant them once we approach spring. I got them on sale from the palm centre last week.

    I bought some silver copse fence paint. I think it will really transform the garden. I'm looking forward to doing this when we get a dry spell and its a bit warmer..

    (i've changed my mind on the hedge idea for now..)

  • Looking good there @newprojectgarden, like the design of your lawn.( you might want to invest is some long edge cutters so you can stand up when trimming round the edges....saves a lot of back ache!). You've made a super start in such a short time. Where are you going to put the washing line!?😉😅

    We have a retractable washing line that goes from one side of the garden to the other! The least intrusive option that I could find haha
  • I have also started some Lupins from seed. They are growing under a flourecent bulb and doing well. I will plant them along the poking out bit of border in spring I think. They are a week and a half old and I have 18 seedlings. Packet said up to 14 days for gemination, they popped out after 2.!

  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 3,597
    Love growing from seed! My window sill is full! You have a great collection of donated plants there! I hate seeing things go to waste!
    Really enjoying seeing the progress you have made,  your enthusiasm is contagious!
  • newprojectgardennewprojectgarden Posts: 73
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    Some of the plants currently in the garden helping to achive tropical look (for future reference)

    1 x Butia odorata
    1 x Trachycarpus fortunai (also growing 50 x 2 year old seedlings for a bit of fun)
    2 x Chamaerops humilis
    2 x Cordyline
    1 x Yucca gloriosa
    1 x Dicksonia antarctica (baby, no trunk)
    3 x Euphorbia characias 'Wulfenii'
    10 x Crocosmia 'orange devil'

    Selection of ferns:
    Dryopteris atrata
    Dryopteris erythrosora
    Polypodium vulgare
    Asplenium scolopendrium

    Inside to plant out in spring:
    1 x Musa basjoo
    1 x Ensete ventricosum 'maurelii'
    1 x Musa acuminata 'Dwarf Cavendish'
    12 x Dwarf lupins blues (growing under flourecent light)
    Currently growing Tetrapanax papyrifera 'rex' root cuttings

    To buy soon:
    Bamboo - Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'spectabilis'
    Daliah 'moonfire'
    Gunnera manicata

    Seeds to sow:

    Coleus 'Rainbow mixed'

    Cant wait for spring.!!!
  • newprojectgardennewprojectgarden Posts: 73
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    Fence painting is slow hard work.! Silver copse 1 coat. 3x5L tins..I have 4 more.

    I'm interested to see how it looks after a 2nd coat.

    I think i'll give the 2nd coat to the pannels that have already been painted tomorrow. And then do the remaining pannels next weekend. Unless I have time tomorrow

  • newprojectgardennewprojectgarden Posts: 73
    edited 7 March
    Fence finally finished...took 2 weekends, 7 tubs of paint and 2 coats, some areas 3 coats..glad it's done now..phew. 

    I also bought a stone bench 2nd hand for £40. Pretty happy with it. I've attached a photo of the area at the bottom of the garden where the bench is that I've been digging out. I'll probably put some bark chippings down for the floor. I bought the cobble stones 2nd hand but that was all he had, so need to try and find some matching ones as I could do with a few more..

    Next weekend i'll re-dig the beds as they are a bit compacted from the fence painting. I'll also mulch with some compost. Should look nice when thats done.

    Hope you're all well,

  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 7,576
    It's looking good ! Like the fence colour

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