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Dying from top downwards, can anyone help?

The tips of this guy have been turning white/purple/brown for almost a month. Itried reporting it and have clipped the tips that are dying but it continues to spread downwards after I clip them. About 2 months ago this thing was growing like crazy, it was about 2 feet tall and had no problems with it. 
I barely water it and I havent watered in almost a month since it is colder and has less sunlight. 
It is under a grow light for about 6 hours after the sun goes down and I cannot figure out why it is dying. 
It looks horrible!
If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!


  • This is most distressing.  Actually the problem often lies in the soil/compost.  Try this.  Search your plant and select fresh new growth close to the base of the plant.  Usong a scapal or new razor blade, cut a reasonable sample.  Leave to stand for a na hour or so, giving time for the cut edges to dry and begin callousing.  Then insert into fresh cacti potting mixture.  This hopefully will provide you with  new plants.

    Now tap out the plant from the pot/container.  Using tepid water, rinse of the roots.  Check for damged, weak and disesased roots,  Cut thes out.  Dust the cut areas with flowers of sulphur.

    Next turn your attention to the upper growth that is showing signs of distress.  As can be seen, the plant is dying, rotting from the top down.  Now using say a razor blade.  Cut well below the sick/ailing point. To a good solid part of the plant.  Dust with sulphur, and leave to stand for say an hour.  This standing allows time for the plants natural resudules to heal and seal the cuts.

    Now totall discard the compost and thoroughly cleanse th pot/ container.  Using fresh.  Not what you have had under the bench for, heavens knows how long.  Fork out and buy fresh.  Now repot your plant.  Give it a good soak and leave to drain.  All being well.  You will end up with.  A restored plant, plus some newbies.
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