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a jasmine lower growing? fragrant too

berardeberarde Posts: 135
I've got one of these but it barely flowers and I think it is semi shaded,  growing over an arch mostly East facing, but under an apple tree to the west. I wonder if it doesn't like its site? It is about 20 years old so maybe it is a bit elderly? It is strong growing and  I cut it hard back (after "flowering") as otherwise it grows up into the apple tree.

 I  wondered about moving it to a South facing wall,, but the vent from the kitchen is about 10 feet high on this wall. I don't want to be up ladders cutting it back, so I wondered if there was a fragrant one not too strong growing. It doesn't look like it after an internet search.

 I'm planning to replace it with a clematis Lambton Park. Is there another fragrant climber that would like the south facing wall, but again not too vigorous


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,688
    edited January 2020
    If you have a rather sheltered south facing wall, you could try Jasminum Polyanthum. Extremely fragrant but a bit on the tender side. Not as vigorous as Jasminum Officinale and leaves are more deeper green and earlier flowering. Normally around spring time onwards. 
  • berardeberarde Posts: 135
    Thanks, it sounds worth giving it a try. It is on the south facing  side of the house , the kitchen on the inside, which I think must give it a good chance
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