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What to plant with container grown Fritillaria persica for summer colour?

I've planted some wonderful Fritillaria persica Twin Towers Tribute in two large containers with white tulips and was planning to keep them potted after spring flowering for the next season. But since the pots are very nice and tall I was wondering if I could plant something else on top for summer colour? I know that the Fritillaria would need to be kept dry-ish after flowering and the pots are on the west-facing patio. I would probably remove the tulips (although many of my potted tulips flowered for years in a row). Any suggestions or experience with potted Fritillaria persica?


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    I’ve not grown F. persica.  However I’m not sure how well they’re work with other plants planted over them. 

    I think I’d rather plant them in pots which would lift in and out of the decorative containers so that when they’ve bloomed they can finish their annual lifecycle in a quiet part of the garden and pots planted up with other plants can take their place in the containers. 

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  • Thank you @Dovefromabove! It's a good idea, I should have planted them in a separate pot inside the decorative one. I didn't think it trough, was rushing getting them planted as I bought them quite late in the season. I guess I'm gonna have to wait until they all dried out before I can lift them and then plant the new plants. 
    I am curious though - if I would have planted them in a border I wouldn't lift them but simply wait until next year and water the soil throughout the summer because of other plants around. So why do I have to lift them because they are in a pot? 
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    I’ve not made myself clear ... sorry 😔 

    I don’t mean lift them out of the pot they’re planted in ... I just mean take the pot they’re in out of the container so you can plant the container up with more plants.

    To plant something over them you’d have to wait until they’d died down. 

     I’m presuming the container is a smart or decorative one you want to get use from all year round. 


    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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