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Best type of grass seed for a problem path

Morning all,

As part of our garden design we have an elliptical grass covered path. It was laid with turf last Spring but it has been patchy and now the area looks very muddy and is defeating the grass. In early Spring we are thinking of digging up the area and giving another try with seed.

So was wondering anyone has any experience with any specialist online sellers of grass seed. It's odd that the area is so muddy as it has a mature apple tree in its middle and quite a few trees next doors so you'd think they'd absorb the moisture...but it must be related to any topspoil that was added during the hard landscaping works the year before.

We will try to improve the drainage as much as possible but would love some suggestions of what type of seed to use for an area that gets light shade from a mature apple tree and is designed to be walked upon not to access the planting areas either side a few times a week. I know retailer sold mixes are not up to scratch with a scenario like ours so any advice gratefully received.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,162
    My OH has used a firm called Barenbrug in the past and was happy with them. He says they were very helpful. I had a look on the website and came up with this
    A Google of specialist lawn seed suppliers brings up quite a few, so it might be worth shopping around. 
  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    it might just be that the area gets too much traffic for grass, have you thought about alternative surfaces? or potentially stepping stones?
  • Thanks for the recommendation @AnniD will look into their products.

    Hi  @treehugger80 the central part of that area is graveled so we wanted a contrast. But if our next grass growing attempt fails...we will have to reconsider and go for some mulch. Here's the plan to give you an idea. 
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