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New Garden ideas please

Hi all and Happy New Year, 

So we've just gotten an extension done to the house and the garden was basically a building site for 4 months. I've resown new grass and should sprout up fully come spring. 

Have gotten some quotes from landscapers but they're asking crazy money for a few raised beds and a seating area, so going to take it on myself over the next few years and was looking for some inspiration. 

So I'm looking at extending the patio across in front of the back door (first pic), the shed will go far left (second pic), then a raised bed across the back wall (that tree is coming out) There's a raised bed in behind where the shed is now with a rose Bush and geranium rozanne, and I'll be putting in a little water feature there as well. I also have an old school tap feature I want to incorporate. 

Then was looking at maybe some kind of seating area under window or along the wooden wall (will get that bricked up). This is where we get the last of the evening sun. The patio will stay put but tidied up, maybe with a curving edge leading into the garden. That greenhouse is going as it's nearly the size of the shed and just dont have the room for it. Was also thinking of some kind of potting shed/wash area in behind the back door of the first pic. Cant really see where else it would fit??

Know its not very clear from the pics as the garden is up in a heap, but would love to hear anyones ideas on what they'd do, and ideas on planting/ideas to cover that cladding on the back wall. The Jasmine is doing a great job of half of it but will have to come down soon (which I know all vines will at some stage). Maybe a few clematis that flower at different times through out the season? Or Morning Glory)

Thank you all in advance, 


View from back door


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 8,235
    *Bump*, in the hope you can get some advice Dave  :)
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 329
    It would be a shame to get rid of the greenhouse.

    I think the shed is ok where it is as you don't have to walk across the lawn to get to it.  Why not turn the shed round so the door faces the house and have the greenhouse beside it?

    If you could make your patio from the back door as deep as possible you will have ample opportunity for a seating area.

    Those walls and fences would look great with a lick of paint and some climbers, tall shrubs and maybe even a small tree somewhere to help disguise them more.
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