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1st time clematis growing-looking for advice

Hello lovely gardeners, I am looking to grow clematis in a container this year. I have my eye on pink fantasy which I think could be suitable for a gap next to a northwest facing fence and would be shaded by two raised beds to either side. My questions are:
-should I buy and plant just now or wait till the worst of the ‘winter’ is past?
-do you recommend bubble wrapping the inside of the container?
-will pink fantasy grow well up a 2m obelisk in my damp dreary location of Glasgow?!

many thanks in advance 🌷


  • Pink Fantasy is a really good late flowering clematis, perfectly OK to plant out now into your container, are you planting a full size plant in a deep pot, ( preferably about 16 inches deep )?

    If so, I would recommend using peat based multi purpose compost, plant Pink Fantasy with the root crown 4 to 6 inches below the compost surface, keep it well watered and prune hard back every February.

  • It would be from Taylor’s and I think these are in 2l pots, about 2y old. I’ve bought a big pot but I will double check the depth. Thanks that’s great. I feel if this works I will be looking for more...! 
    Thanks again
  • Taylors plants are good, well established, ready to plant.
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