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Plant ID no 6

You lot are doing so well helping work out what my plants are but this is self inflicted problem. I bought these plants last Summer but they arrived during that heatwave and lots didn't make it. I somehow lost my labels so I have these 3 plants and I have no idea what they are. I have left them in pots as they got off to a slow start and I was reluctant to plant out in October by the time the roots were looking good in case we had early frosts. I'm not sure they are big enough yet for you to identify but I thought I would ask.
Thank you all for your help.
The list of plants I bought:
Your collection will consist of 6 plug plants of each of the following varieties: Achillea 'Cassis', Aquilegia 'Mrs Scott Elliott', Coreopsis 'Golden Joy' (Sunray/Presto/Early Sunrise), Delphinium 'Dark Blue & White Bee', Dianthus (Pinks) 'Rockin Red', Digitalis (Foxglove) 'Dalmatian Mixed', Doronicum 'Little Leo', Echinacea (Cone Flower) 'Primadonna Rose' (Nectar Pink), Gaillardia 'Mesa Bright Bicolour', Gaura 'Sparkle White', Leucanthemum 'Crazy Daisy' and Verbena 'Buenos Aires'. 


  • Not sure of 1st one, possibly Gallardia, 2nd is Doronicum, 3rd Achillea
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,442
    3rd one is the achillea , l think the 1st one is the gallardia.
    Bit stuck on the second tbh, l thought it was campanula ! 
  • Wow you lot are good! Thank you
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