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Windy Plot: Greenhouse location and which brand to buy

We live on a particularly windy and exposed plot - think we've had winds up to 75 mph at times over the last couple of years.  I am purchasing my first greenhouse and hoping for some advice. 

Firstly location. There are two location options. First and my preference for aesethics reasons is on the exposed side of the house. Gets morning sun till about lunchtime but has no protection from the elements including the possibility of airborne kids toys and of course footballs etc. Second is facing the same direction in an enclosed courtyard, so sun till lunchtime too but a later start time becuase the sun needs to get above the house to reach the courtyard. It would be against a wall which the garden centre man described as a 'hot wall'. The wind can still be quite extreme in the courtyard but less, maybe less chance of wayward footballs and cricket balls!

I suppose this then leads me to which brand to buy and perhaps whether location is superfluous consideration if you buy the right brand?. Two brands I have been looking at are Halls and Rhino. Rhino talk about their 4mm toughened glass and their glass locking system. Halls have  a 3mm toughened glass. Just seems a less high end product. The rhino would be significantly more than we planned to spend so would need to be worth it. 

Can I please get your thoughts. Any advice appreciated 


  • raisingirlraisingirl East Devon, on the Edge of Exmoor.Posts: 6,008
    1. get a greenhouse that has a capping system rather than clips to hold the glass in (rhino does, not sure if it's standard on Halls models or an option. Most reputable suppliers can offer this at a premium cost).
    2. if a panel does get smashed, you might want to replace it with polycarbonate rather than glass - not much tougher but the bits are less hazardous when it breaks. Or put a net in front of the greenhouse in summer as a shade as well as a protector.
    3. I went for a polytunnel instead on my windy site, because it's easier to really fix it down. They aren't always the right solution though - they are tough as far as weather is concerned - not all that robust if you hit them with something sharp.
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  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,627
    my Rhino has withstood a good number of gales and is very solid after 15 years
  • RoyHRoyH S. YorkshirePosts: 6
    If the budget will allow definitely the Rhino. Quality wise they are streets ahead of The Halls.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 9,322
    I had a Rhino Premium installed 4 years ago - still looks like new - thrilled with it.
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  • Bee witchedBee witched Scottish BordersPosts: 970
    Another vote for Rhino from me ...... best decision we made.

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  • I'm at 1300 ft in the windy west Pennines and I too have had a Rhino for a good few years now. I chose a lean-to, 8x14 and have had no problems. It has withstood some very strong winds!
  • KmehKmeh Posts: 138
    Thank you for all your replies - not to convince my husband of the Rhino! Wish me luck!
  • show your husband a hartley or Cultivar greenhouse first and then he might be more open to the prospect of a rhino. They're top end let's say. good luck.
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 336
    There is a sale on at greenhousesdirect incl Rhino ones. 
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,226
    In a particularly windy plot, look at Keder polytunnels.
    I have a Robinsons rosette greenhouse.  I have had it 30 years. The capping system is really good, although I am not in the windiest of positions, but it has survived everything so far, including the wind that landed the polytunnel in the pear tree.
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