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Help With Brugmansia Losing Lower Leaves Please?

Hello Everyone,
Happy new year:-)
I was hoping you could give me some more advice on my Brugmansia, Sorry because I have posted a fair amount already regarding it.
I decided following last summer's failure with it to give it a better quality compost, and also to have a go at overwintering it indoors and not letting it go dormant. It started out well but since the start of the year it has begun dropping its lower leaves.
I was wondering if anyone else had had experience with this and if you could let me know how normal it is and the possible likely outcome by the time Spring arrives? Here is how it looks today and it is in the same spot inside that it started out at:

Thank you very much for reading and for your help as always.


  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 67
    Thank you Rik, I am trying to cheat and get the main stem to a decent height for Spring in order to grow a semi tall standard tree for summer, So if it has kept some leaves by the time I put back outside I will have succeeded. Thanks again :-)
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,243
    Mine always drop lower leaves, just leaving a few on the ends of branches. I have cut them down to about 18 inches.  They are in the greenhouse on tick over till March, then I start feeding and watering. (I have an electric heater on a thermostat, minimum temp 8C)
     to propagate with the bits you trim down

  • bjazz28bjazz28 Posts: 67
    Thank you Fidgetbones,
    I would like to do that, but my only outdoor space is the balcony, it's large but cold so indoors is the only option right now. It has been ok thus far since last November, the leaf dropping only started about two weeks ago.
    My indoor temps are ok I guess, and the light is as strong as I can get it as you see in the pic.
    Thanks for the tip. I'll just see how it goes.
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