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Hi, I am sorry if this one has been done but I am looking for a good stacking system with LED lights for my seedlings.   The only one I can find is quite small and the large one I want is in the USA!!  I would like it to be about 2 or 3 stacks high, ability to take about 6 trays or so.   I will be putting it in my conservatory.  Any ideas for good reputable companies selling these?   These are the small ones.

many thanks. 


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    I'm sorry I can't help with your query but I just wanted to say Hi ... I remember your posts from way back and videos of the horses ... do you still have them?

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    Your example uses fluorescent lights rather than LEDs. This site might be useful for information

    The main market for multi-tier systems would be commercial, both legal and illegal uses, so won't be cheap. It might be easier to knock up a diy system using standard shelving and individual light units.

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    Flourescent 50W T5 tubes are your best bet for seedlings as they can hang just a couple of inches above them.
    I used to have a planted tropical aquarium and the plants grew very well (partly as I had CO2 injection also) but these tubes will work well for seedlings - do remember to get reflectors too they make a big difference.
    I used to get mine from this site - go for the Tropical tubes as they have the best light for plants.

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  • Oh goodness @Dovefromabove you have a great memory 😜😘 . No never found the right horse so just been teaching and riding others...not the same though... big move to staffordshire love it here need to find more horsey people though!   

    @steephill I will take a look at those much appreciated 

    @Pete.8 again I will look at those.   

    I do need a complete kit I think because I am useless at putting things together lol!!   And no illegal growing just flowers 💐 🌶 cucumber 🥒 and loofahs hopefully plus wanted less leggy plants 🌱 but be ahead of the game 😜 

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    The American stacking systems are nice but there does  not seem to be similar  available here for the home gardener.

    Might be worth a looking at Vitopod or Geopod.  Geopod have a huge table one. You could even get 1 -3 smaller ones and put them on shelves.
  • And if you decide to buy some standard shelves and make your own, IKEA has some very cheap LED grow lights worth looking at. 
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  • Thanks very much everyone for your help , think i am now going to make my own looks cheaper and best option with LED lights. Cheers 
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    It was the name @freestyler005  which you said was the name of your favourite horse, which I remembered. Hope you find some new horsey friends. 😊 

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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