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Quince A vs Quince C

Hello, a family member recently ordered a Vranja Quince tree for me from a reputable garden centre. We very specifically ordered a Quince C rootstock because I only have a small garden, and we spent some time explaining this. However, the tree has now been delivered and it is a Quince A rootstock. The man at the garden centre has said his Quince C trees were 'not up to their usual standard' and so decided to send the Quince A. He says I can keep the tree small with summer pruning. I'm not very happy with this as I was after a small tree that would require minimal upkeep. Any fruit is a bonus but I don't need it to be super-prolific. I am hoping to keep the tree to around 7ft tall by 4-5ft wide. I have a couple of 10 yr old M27 apple trees which I minimally prune and I was hoping the Quince C would be like these but slightly taller. Obviously I know that I'm within my rights to return the tree, etc, but it just seems such a lot of hassle (posting trees). So I wanted to know whether a Quince A tree really could be kept this small and whether this would be a lot of work? I'm assuming the trunk would eventually be much sturdier and it would be much bushier? Does anyone have any photos of a mature Quince A that's been kept small? I don't want to find myself having to remove the tree in 10-20 years because it's too big - and I'm also wary of leaving a problem for any future inhabitant of my house.


  • I am not absolutely sure about this ( I know it works for Apples & Pears) but if you keep it as an espalier or oblique cordon (45 degree angle) you can probably keep it well within the dimensions you state. Ironically keeping a tree in a restricted form needs a more vigorous root-stock than if you let it grow as a standard or dwarf pyramid.
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    There's a good explanation here of Quince A rootstock.

    I'd take the view that it's not what I wanted and it's not what I ordered, so I'd request a full refund and buy what I do want elsewhere.

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  • Thanks both. I think I will return it as I'm not trying to grow it as an espalier and I'd rather not risk having a giant tree if I don't prune it.
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