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Poulsen Renaissance Roses

NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,476
Does anyone have any experience of these? My local garden centre has just got in a nice selection of them, potted, but essentially bare root, still, I think. Poulsen’s website say they are highly perfumed and healthy, but no idea if they would work in my climate. Just because they sell them here is no indication of that! There is not much info on helpmefind. The two I am considering are Capricia (also known as One in a Million) and Ghita.

@Marlorena, do you know much about them? 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,766
    ...sorry @Nollie, I've not grown any of these... I think Trevor White's sell some but Poulson's are not roses I know at all...  I hope you give one of them a try and tell us  how it goes... ?.. 
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,103
    edited 11 January
    I have Mum in a million (Millie or Ghita Renaissance). Its fragrance is one of my top three, really good. Other than that, I would say OK rose but not great. I keep it for the fragrance.
    I inherited it, planted in a suboptimal spot. I planted it to a better spot but still with a lot of competition around and to be honest it's still a bit neglected. I don't know how it would behave in a less crowded spot and with more care.
    Some photos (it's the rose in the mixed border, in the front of the photos):

  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,476
    Hi, @Marlorena, as they are only €6.50 for a potted rose, I think I will experiment with one and see. @edhelka, that’s helpful as it was Ghita I was most drawn to so it’s good to know the fragrance claim stands up. There is one entry from a Belgian member of hmf, who says it grows as a very healthy, disease free short bushy climber for him, which would maybe explain the confusion over being described as both a hybrid tea and a shrub rose... here is his photo (credit: dirk77)

  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,103
    If you want more photos from someone more competent in growing these roses, I know some people who grow them in the Czech Republic, they are quite liked there (so I guess hot summers won't be a problem). Here is a link to a forum, where someone asked about Ghita and lower down post with many pictures. If you want to play with google translate and research more, there are 36 picture-heavy pages about Poulsen roses :) But for €6.50 I wouldn't think about it too long :D

  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,766
    edited 12 January
    @Nollie … just to say... apart from what edhelka has provided above... you might like to look on Instagram... I may have mentioned that I'm resident there sometimes but there are a number of rose pages I follow and I have found these two.. one for 'Capricia' and one for 'Mum in a Million'...  I'm not sure if you can view them but here are the links in case...  there are only 2 pictures of Capricia but lots for the other one... member I follow, who lives in Suffolk, likes the Poulson rose 'Sophia' for its many blooms and good fragrance...  
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,476
    Hi, thanks to you both for the photo links. I hadn’t really heard of Poulsen roses before, apart from the odd one popping up on TCL searches for pink roses etc. I’m not on instagram it allows you to view a page before greying out and asking you to join. 

    Yes €6.50 isn’t going to break the bank, the cost of a pot and compost is the expense!!
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,476
    Well I ended up buying these two, both described as bushy shrubs. They seem to have a weird protective wax coating on the canes, never seen that before, presumably this just melts/wears off does anyone know?

    Aya, aka Kolding, is more pinky that it looks in the photo above, which will suit my new border better, if it passes muster and I decide to plant it out. This is Poulen’s website pic:

  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 3,766
    ..they look nice... Aya has a strong scent too... hope they do better for you than some others you've been disappointed with..
    ...the wax coating is put on to keep roses hydrated in case they are neglected before purchase... the sun will melt it off in due course and new shoots will just grow through as normal....
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 3,476
    Thanks @Marlorena,  they are a total gamble, suspect they won’t be heat tolerant, but the east garden has less fierce sun so who knows... I’ll grow them in pots first. The wax is pretty thick, but I guess my sun will soon see to that!
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