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Xmas cactus help

I inherited this mature Christmas cactus about six months ago. It looked in a pretty bad state when I first got it. Since then it has improved a little, but not much. It’s still feeling a bit sorry for itself. I have read that this particular type of cactus prefers a humid environment, so I moved it to the bathroom a couple of months ago, which gets quite steamy. It has picked up a bit more, but ever so slightly. Is there anything more I can do to restore this fella to its former glory? Thank you.


  • I would also consider taking a couple of cuttings from the healthiest leaves - they root easily and the younger plants that grow look fresher. Mine does well by an east facing window with occasional watering with rain water, allow soil to almost dry out between waterings. They like a quick misting but I don’t do it so often. Good luck it can be a lovely plant especially in flower! 
  • My Dr friend who lives in Milton Keynes places her Xmas cactus pot inside a pot holder on her fridge and goes away on call to various locations for 3 months at a stretch. Its amazing her plant seems to thrive the more she neglects. Such a lovely sight to see lots of dark green shoots coming out of the pot with purple blooms at their ends. The room has plenty of light coming through and she never closes her blinds.
  • PegathaPegatha Posts: 94
    Thanks all for the your advice - very helpful! Best wishes x
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