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hints growing a nashi pear

Hi all,
I've treated myself to a nashi pear (in addition to a medlar, which I've raised a question about in another post :-) ). Before I plant it, I was wondering whether any has any advice about location, pollination and general rowing.

Some details:

Where I plan to grow it is on shallow chalk, although I plan to add large amounts of organic matter around the planting hole, and as a mulch every few months.

I have a juniper very near to where I plan to grow it. The latter caused a huge amount of rust on a regular "english" pear, but I gather the strain of rust that is hosted on a juniper is different than the strain that infects the nashi pear.

I plan to grow it in a sheltered location with virtually all-day sun.

Pollination could be an issue. I've got another pear tree about 30m away from the planned location, behind the house. We get a lot of bees in the area, but I wonder if 30m is a bit of a push to get thorough pollination. I thought about keeping an english pear tree in a pot that I kept nearby purely for pollination purposes. 

Any thoughts/recommendations would be most appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

kind regards.
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