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How do I get my orchid to reflower?

Hello! I am hoping someone can give me some advice on my orchid, I am not sure which type of orchid it is as I was gifted it about 2 years ago. After the flowers fell off a couple of months after I got it it has never flowered again but I think it looks healthy and there are a few new bits growing at the bottom, one of them is growing off the side of one of the original plant, it has air roots and the other two from under the soil. I am not sure how to tell if they are new flower spikes? They look more green compared to the original spikes. Also should I snip off the old flower buds on the original spikes? 


  • I think those are seed pods rather than flower buds but not sure about the type of orchid it is.  Maybe this link will help to identify?

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  • Hello everyone, 

    This orchid looks like a Dendrobium Noble. I have about four of this of type and in my experience, they are one of the more difficult to get to reflower. They seem to need the perfect balance of everything - water, light, humidity, temperature, feed, and all of these in the right amounts after flowering to encourage repeat blooming of flowers. The link below is a good general guide and has details of the yearly cycle of this type of orchid for context on its care needs:

    Hope this helps.
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