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Greenhouse leaks

Greenhouse leaking - looks like water is going up the pane of roof glass (capillary action) and then falling inside?
Anybody else have this and if so - solution?


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    hi and welcome to the Forum. 
    Silicone sealant might help?
  • KiliKili Posts: 1,019
    From what your saying ( Capillary action) the water is not leaking in but is generated by the warmer air in the greenhouse meeting the outside cold air hitting the glass and creating moisture. 
    You need airflow through your greenhouse. 
    You need a fan to suck fresh air in and a vent to push moisture laden air out.

    Unfortunately its winter and unless you have a heated greenhouse with airflow you'll just be reducing the temperature in your greenhouse to that of the outside temperature, even an unheated greenhouse can be 1 or 2 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. The problem your having is one of the inhernt problems of a cold greenhouse in winter. I  think most people just live with the problem rather than bear the cost of installing heating and ventilation to resolve the issue you describe.

    I gave up trying to keep such plants as geraniums in the greenhouse over winter due to the very issue your having. The constant damp moisture laden atmosphere causes mould and fungus to grow. 
    I keep a number of other plants in the greenhouse  which can tolerate this problem and in order to try and reduce the moisture in it when I can (wind and rain allowing) I will leave the door open halfway to try and get fresh air in and circulating to clear the moisture but, without mechanical ventilation its almost impossible to have a moisture free atmosphere in an unheated cold greenhouse in winter.

    Good luck, hope you find an inexpensive solution.


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