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So the garden fences we own are falling apart, partially helped by neighbours... One side leyandii the other ivy. It's clear this year we should attempt to put new fences in. But suggestions on what types. We've feather edge one side and part of the other (ivy side) 

Guess ivy needs removing and killing first, how long before removing should we leave it before putting up a new fence? 

Or should we keep ivy and chain link?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,639
    Ivy is a wonderful resource for wildlife providing shelter and food for invertebrates, birds and small mammals so, if yo can, keep it.  A rigid mesh fence will last decades with no maintenance if well installed and provides a support for a wide variety of climbers such as roses, clematis, honeysuckle or wall shrubs such as ceanothus, pyracantha, cotoneaster.    

    A stretchier, chain link mesh on a roll will also do very well and be cheaper but you need to be careful about the tensioning between posts or it will sag over time and look a mess.

    If you have hedgehogs, try and cut out a gap for them to travel between gardens.
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    first thing is whose fences are they? i know in my garden looking out the back door the fence on the right is mine, the one on the left is my neighbours and the one down the end we shared the cost of replacing a few years ago.
    second thing is I would spend the money on getting concrete posts and gravel boards for the base, these things will last for many years and it makes replacing panels a lot simpler when you can slide a new one in fairly quickly.
    after that its esthetics and size of the fence you need to decide on, 4 foot, 5 foot or 6 foot tall?, with or without trellis on top?, solid fencing, lath/weatherboard/featheredge, chain link?
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