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Winter jasmin

I planted 6 winter flower jasmin shrubs 2 years ago.....each of them flowered last winter....but this year only one of them is showing signs of flowering. Any suggestions as to why the others are reluctant to flower. Thanks


  • Mary AnneMary Anne Posts: 118
    Thanks Philippa....all planted in the garden enjoying the same aspect....the weather conditions were reasonable with a balance between wet and dry (unlike the previous year when we had extreme heat) to follow....hope this helps...
  • Ah!  Jasminum nudiflorum.  Winter Jasmine.  Delicate, brilliant yellow flowers, but a bit of a so & so to grow.

    By this I mean.  Unlike other jasmines, it tends not to branch out.  It retains its genetic wiry-like growth.
    From experience, might I suggest.  Don't be afraid to cut it back, even cut it down.  It is a rampant grower and if left it will go on and on.  Try and confine it to being  part bush and part climber.
  • Mary AnneMary Anne Posts: 118
    Mike thank you for this advice....when would you cut it back/down? Im attaching some photos .....
  • cornellycornelly Posts: 970
    Looking at the photos wouldn't cut it back, compared with ours yours is sparse, I just trim ours to keep under control, to stop it rooting where it touches the ground, and stop it going next door.
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