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Compost and weeds.

I finally managed to get out into the garden for a shortish time today to tidy up the pots.  What struck me was that all the newly planted pots i.e. planted last Spring are thick with weeds whilst the older ones have very few.  I've never noticed such a dramatic difference in the past so suspect compost which hadn't got hot enough to kill the weed seeds.  This is commercial compost, not home grown.


  • Wind blown seeds ?  Newly planted pots would perhaps have more to offer than older/more congested pots ?
    If you are young and looking for a good home, you would prefer more room to get your feet in and make your presence felt ?
    Oops - a case of anthropomorphism on my part I think  :D

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 4,596
    Sorry, should have said all pots are topped with gravel, so I strongly suspect growth from within the compost.
  • Ah - that's my theory down the drain then.
    In all seriousness, I must admit I haven't found that problem - purchasing compost these days is a bit hit and miss - some makes are better one year than another so perhaps your first thought is correct. 
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