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Montana Rubens, Clematis

Hi, I just joined and I really appreciate your gathered wisdom. I am not a Gardner, but I want to try.
okay, so a Gardner came and planted 8 Montana Ruben vines next to my arch trellis in Spring. Every week I went out and very carefully guided the new delicate stems up the trellis, as the don’t tend to attach while growing upwards- I thought they would automatically “cling,” but no. It is Jan 2nd and they look dead to me- very scary! They have not had any blooms. On the plant tag it says, “Pruning type 3.” What is that?? I live in Maryland and it has been a mild winter, thus far. I have no idea what to do with them. Can you please give me some advice? 


  • Hello, Lwallin. Welcome to the forum.
    Clematis montana 'Rubens' is quite vigorous. I hope you have a large arch trellis.
    When the plants are young they need training and securing with wires and vine eyes or be tied in to garden mesh.
    This time of year they will look 'very dead' as they are dormant. New growth should start to show around the end of February/ early March.
    They are Pruning Group 1, not 3.
    The attached link will help you to understand their requirements.

    You should have a lovely display in Spring. Don't prune anything at the moment.
    A gardener's work is never at an end  - (John Evelyn 1620-1706)
  • You are most kind to help me. I feel considerably lightened of my responsibility to know I have your wonderful support. I will study this link and reap! It is nice to know I have not killed it. This is my first attempt at gardening. Thank you, again!!
  • Good luck with your future gardening one your hooked
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